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New materials and new technology style building curtain wall

New materials and new technology style building curtain wall

New materials and new technology style building curtain wall

After more than and 20 years of development, China's building curtain wall has formed a unique structural system, which has greatly promoted the development of the market. In recent years, with thousands of silk panels, Eterpan, glass ceramics, ceramic hanging plate with a large number of new building materials, accelerate the upgrading of products quality of building curtain wall, improve the content of science and technology industry.

For example, the use of point supported glass curtain wall has driven the innovation of retaining structure of light steel space structure technology and design, manufacturing and installation technology, improve the technological content of glass in building engineering technology, promote the use of new technology of stainless steel structure system and space cable structure system in glass curtain wall engineering, the construction of three-dimensional space into new areas of development.

Point supported glass curtain wall reflects the interior and exterior space permeability and fusion, the formation of human, space environment, harmonious and unified aesthetic, it highlights the point of modern novel barge connecting structure and rhythm of the glass support space structure system modeling, it makes full use of glass, and charm barge technology of space support system a beautiful, light, landscape, has become a symbol of modern architectural art.

Nowadays, with the increasing prosperity of the public building decoration industry and the acceleration of the industrialization of the housing industry, the exterior envelope of the building has been widely used in glass curtain wall, metal curtain wall and stone curtain wall technology. At present, the domestic aluminum doors and windows curtain wall industry has formed a more than and 100 large enterprises as the main body, with a total of more than and 50 output value of billions of dollars of backbone enterprises as the representative of the technological innovation system. The next five years, China's aluminum doors and windows and curtain wall products will continue to maintain steady growth, the proportion of Aluminum Alloy curtain wall heat insulating glass, aluminum, high-quality hardware accessories and other products will be greatly improved.

The stone curtain wall should be removable and removable. The stone curtain wall of our country is "dry hang stone material", that is, the construction technology of the decorative stone on the surface of building. It led to the development of the stone industry. As the world's stone production, consumption, export power, China's annual consumption of stone decorative board has reached 160 million square meters.

Now, China's building curtain wall is still developing steadily. The product has a single glass curtain wall glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, wall split point, new nonmetal material composed of all kinds of curtain wall curtain wall; thermal break aluminum, hollow glass, LOW glass, E glass ceramics application, Eterpan, ceramic plate, fluorocarbon spraying plate curtain wall new materials and technology will be more and more.

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