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  • Geomembrane and composite geomembrane2017年7月14
      <img src=upfile/images/2017/07/14/small3_15000009877782927.jpg height=300>Geomembrane are mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene (PE), EVA (ethylene / vinyl acetate copolymer), using the ECB design and application in tunnel (ethylene vinyl acetate modified asphalt blending geomembrane), they are a kind of polymer chemistry of flexible material.
  • New materials and new technology style building curtain wall2017年7月14
      <img src=upfile/images/2017/07/14/small3_15000014279461363.jpg height=300>After more than and 20 years of development, China's building curtain wall has formed a unique structural system, which has greatly promoted the development of the market. In recent years, with thousands of silk panels, Eterpan, glass ceramics.
  • What is the relationship between geomembrane and geotextile2017年7月14
      <img src=upfile/images/2017/07/14/small3_15000014861159543.jpg height=300>For those who don't know about civil engineering, the distinction between geomembrane and geotextile is two strange concepts. The only one word, literally so, geomembrane and geotextile is a kind of contact, the two are not the same kind of goods.
  • Note for use of Geotextiles2017年7月14
      <img src=upfile/images/2017/07/14/small3_15000015188387999.jpg height=300>Geotextile connections must follow the following rules: under normal circumstances, the slope can not be horizontal connection, in addition to the repair of the place outside. In the case of suture, the suture shall be made of the same material as or exceeding the geotextile material.
  • Technological principle and product characteristics of warp knitted composite geotextiles2017年7月14
      <img src=upfile/images/2017/07/14/small3_15000015788132704.jpg height=300>Warp knitted composite geotextile cloth full uniform synchronization, bear external force, stress distribution, soil is a kind of multifunctional composite materials. It is now the world's high level of application of geo composite substrate.
  • The friction properties of composite geotextile fabric is mainly in what areas2017年7月14
      <img src=upfile/images/2017/07/14/small3_15000016222052869.jpg height=300>There are two kinds of friction properties of composite geotextiles, one is the friction characteristics between the impermeable membrane and the cushion and the protective layer, the other is the friction characteristics between the reinforced geotextile, the cushion and the protective layer.
  • How to achieve the best effect of geotextile construction2017年7月14
      <img src=upfile/images/2017/07/14/small3_15000017264636854.jpg height=300>In the construction of geotextile, often because of the commodity demand for sewing operations must not width, there are many details of this assignment question needs attention, take the geotextile to suture use: if the connection needs on geotextile goods selection with suture.
  • Joints for composite waterproof Geotextile2017年7月14
      <img src=upfile/images/2017/07/14/small3_15000017786734693.jpg height=300>It is a key procedure for the construction of the composite geotextile that it directly affects the service life of the project. The hot welding method is the surface heating treatment of the PE geomembrane, so that the surface melting, and then through the pressure to integrate into one.
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