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Welfare policy:

Tai'an Wantong composite materials Co., Ltd. has always been the greatest talent as the development of enterprise resources. Respect for knowledge, respect for talent, make every effort to provide a broad space for development. Sincerely look forward to join the excellent talents, the development of plans to create a better future for enterprises.

Welcome you, you will become a member of the Tai'an Wantong New Material talent pool.

A letter to the employee:

Welcome to Tai'an Wantong new materials, Tai'an Wantong is a formal, large-scale, global large enterprises in the country in a leading position in the chemical industry, products into the global market, Wantong brand in the domestic and international high degree. 

The successful development of Tai'an Wantong New Materials for many years accumulated a profound cultural heritage, establishing a "people-oriented, harmonious development" of the enterprise purpose; the formation of the "pursuit of excellence, the core value of return society" concept; produce "honesty, diligence and innovation" spirit of enterprise. Today, enterprise management norms and orderly implementation of the new project steadily......A blueprint for the people to create a good position, continuous learning, work hard, I hope you in this positive atmosphere, a little progress every day.

When you look for a job to consider the most should be able to get a satisfactory salary? Is there any opportunity for advancement? To achieve this goal, it is necessary to have a large-scale, comprehensive strength of the enterprise as a platform. Large scale enterprises, the ability to resist risks is strong, the overall strength of the strong, the strength of the market to participate in the strong. Tai'an Wantong new material is to achieve your ideal target platform.

Return home, return to society, is what we advocate, but also to your request. I hope you join the Tai'an Wantong new material solid learning knowledge, strict with oneself, post training job skills, constantly enhance the ability to return home and return to society. To do this, you must be an honest person, a very serious person, a disciplined, civilized behavior to repair character, responsibility, unity colleagues do not shirk endeavour, dedication for advanced and work hard to fulfill the function of not slack, do not discount, do not flinch, face the difficulties involved in the management of Xian liangce and agile thinking, seek practical results much improved......

If you are just graduated from school, you must overcome the students as soon as possible, if you have a work experience, you must change the original bad work habits. I hope you start from now, not to small and not good, not to small and evil. We will be in Tai'an Wantong new materials, this full of vitality and vitality of the development platform of sincere cooperation and achieve win-win situation. I wish you a successful growth in Tai'an Wantong new materials, as soon as possible to achieve the hearts of the ideal, the success of your brilliant life.

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