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PVC capillary waterproofing board

PVC capillary waterproofing board

     Using PVC high-density polymer material, with good toughness, buried in the soil can play the role of knotting soil;  Use of dense trench,   when buried let the groove face down,So that the water from the bottom to the up was sucked into the capillary aqueduct ;As a result, the natural precipitation of soil particles due to gravity does not enter the capillary conduit with the water flow, nor does it produce siltation near the trough;B the internal groove can help enter water, but sometimes it  will produce water leakage phenomenon, at this time the capillary waterproofing board can use  surface tension so that water in the groove to produce a closed effect to prevent leakage;When the water into the capillary,capillarity instantaneous will take effect on water in the soil, after filling will rely on the gravity flow to external emissions;when the water flow reaches the exit will be due to the role of siphon, a substantial increase in the effect of suction and drainage.

PVC capillary waterproofing board PVC capillary waterproofing board

PVC capillary waterproofing board

Product Features:

1.No clogging: direct use of natural gravity phenomenon to produce soil water separation effect;

2.High permeability: opening rate of 20%, effective water absorption area large;

3.High drainage efficiency:  use of capillary force, force,increase drainage efficiency;

4.Strong anti-earth pressure: arch bridge structure design, effective dispersion stress distribution;

5.Free use of gradation: with self-cleaning function, without leveling filter layer, can be directly casing backfill;

6.Construction is simple: roll packaging does not account for volume, reduce transportation, storage, management, work costs;

7.High Flexibility: can be closely fit with the terrain

8. Good durability: PVC high-density polymer materials, anti-ultraviolet, good durability.


Underground drainage of golf course, drainage of hillside, underground irrigation in arid area, underground drainage of park green space, drainage of low wetland, drainage of retaining wall and tunnel, underground drainage of sports ground, drainage of railway or highway subgrade, drainage of rainy season and drainage of gardening landscape.

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